ORIGENES 1995 First exhibition organized by Antonio and Ana Casanovas that combined primitive art pieces and contemporary Art with the participation of well-known Spanish artists such as Jorge Castillo, Eduardo Chillida or Antonio Saura who, inspired by the tribal sculptures, did their own interpretations. Ancestor’s Figure Toradja Baree, Celebes Islands, Indonesia Stone, H. 60 cm XVI C Saludo a Parménides . Steel, 142x 73x71 cm


GEMS Arte y Ritual presented in Paris within the context of the Parcours des Mondes, 82 monumental miniatures or Gems from Africa, America, South East Asia and Oceania underlining the importance of the artistic quality versus the size of the sculpture and analyzing the particular relationship created between the artist and the object or the collector and the work of art. CHIEF’S COMB Tlinglit or Kaigani Haida. North West Coast of America. Wood, H. 29 cm Ca 1850 -1880 Publications: “Transfigurations”, Steven Clay Brown, Seattle, 2006. “Gems. Monumental Miniatures” Ana and Antonio Casanovas, Madrid, 2009.


IGBO A group of monumental Igbo figures from Nigeria of fine artistic quality were presented in Maastricht TEFAF recreating their lost past in the “mise en scène” and underlining the creativity and imposing presence of these unusually large sculptures, half human, half divine. Male figure, Nigeria Wood, H. 95 cm XIX C. Anne and Jacques Kerchache Collection, Paris. Publication: « L’Art Africain », Jacques Kerchache et alii, Paris, 1988, p. 178. IGBO Male figure by the Awka Master, Nigeria Wood, H. 200 cm XIX C. Private Collection, 1968. Exhibited & published: “Scultura


OJOS Arte y Ritual participated with the idea and selection of primitive art pieces in the exhibition “OJOS” (“Eyes”), which combined primitive art with the contemporary paintings of two well known Spanish artists: F. Amat and Ebru-Zush. BWA MASK Burkina Faso, XIX C Wood and pigments, H. 185 cm Ex Col. Vérité, Paris Published: «African Sculpture», W. Fagg & E. Elisofon, London, 1958, p. 52 “Dictionnaires des civilisations Africaines”, G. Balandier, J. Maquet, Paris, 1968. ULISUD Evru-Zush Mixed technique on paper 26 x 18 cm


ORIGENES 2005 Official exhibition curated by Ana & Antonio Casanovas for Madrid House Council Museum. This exhibition showed, for the first time in Spain, 150 exceptional Primitive Artworks “hidden” in museums and private collections around the two countries. BUST Inuit Yupik, Alaska Wood, leather, H. 25,5 cm XVIII C Ex. col. Museo de América, Madrid HEI TIKI Maori, New Zealand, Polynesia Jade, H. 9cm Te Tipugna Period: 1200-1500 Ex. Col. Bela Hein, Paris Exhibited in: Galerie Pigalle , Paris, 1930 TCHOKWE Angola Wood, hair and copper, 43x16x22.5 cm XIX C


TRACES Primitive and modern Art, a collaboration with Jan Krugier and his daughter Tzila in his gallery in New York. The works of Picasso, Miro, Ernst, Tanguy, Torres García and Dubuffet were exhibited in dialogue with top quality pieces from America, Africa and the Pacific. LIME SPATULA Sepik River, Papua New Guinea Wood and pigments, H. 50,8 cm XIX C Collected by P.Wirz L’oiseau messager Joan Miró Mixed technique on canvas, 1939


SCULPTURES Eighty ritual vessels from the primitive people of Africa, America and the Pacific, baskets, boxes, bowls, cup bearers selected by its superb quality and its common ritual function. Feast bowl Admiralty Islands, Melanesia L. 40 cm XIX C Ex. Private collection, Paris Ex. Col. Philippe Guimiot, Brussels Feathered bowl basket Pomo, California W. 12 cm H. 4,5 cm XIX C Ex. Col. George Terasaki, USA Janus palm wine cup Suku, Democratic Republic of Congo H. 10 cm XIX C Ex. Col. Charles J.O. Sohier, Belgium Published in: “Réceptacles”, Musée


NIGERIA Ana & Antonio Casanovas at Alain Bovis Gallery The exhibition presented in A. Bovis gallery included 3 very fine art works which can be considered icons of Nigerian primitive art, among others, a magnificent Mbembe drum, a rare Tiv figure or a powerful Mumuye mask. This exhibition showed through a fine selection of pieces, the originality of plastic forms, the inventiveness and cultural diversity found in the Art of this country. TIV Benou region, Cameroon Wood, H. 60 cm XIX C. Ex. col. Anne and Jacques Kerchache, Paris Publications : « L’art Africain


KRANKAS Twenty contemporary Spanish artists made artworks related to “Vanitas” and shared space with several ancient over modeled skulls from Africa and the Pacific under the title “Krankas” which means “skulls” in the old Indonesian language. Over modelled skull Solomon Islands, Robiana, Melanesia Organic material, terracotta, mother-of-pearl, wood and fibre, H. 20 cm XIX C Ex.col. Anne and Jacques Kerchache, Paris Entre las flores Jose María Sicilia Crayons on Japanese paper 50x50 cm 2004

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